• Temple of Human Passions

    The Temple of Human Passions, also known as Pavillon Horta-Lambeaux, is a neoclassical pavilion in the form of a Greek temple that was built by Victor Horta in 1896 in the Cinquantenaire Park of Brussels.

  • Belgian Chocolate Village Museum

    Belgian Chocolate Village (BCV) is, with more than 900 m², one of the largest museums dedicated to chocolate. The scenographic tour displays and explains the stages of the manufacture of chocolate, its uses, its history, its benefits, its economy and its diversity. It appeals to all the visitor’s senses …

  • Fin-de-Siècle Museum

    The Fin-de-Siècle Museum is a museum in Brussels, Belgium, dedicated to the full spectrum of the arts of the period between 1868, when the Société Libre des Beaux-Arts was founded Brussels, and 1914, the year of the outbreak of World War I.

  • Museums of the Far East

    The Museums of the Far East is the name of a complex of three museums in Laken, Belgium dedicated to Oriental art and culture, specifically that of China and Japan. Both museums are run under the direction of the Royal Museums of Art and History.

  • Train World

    Train World is a railway museum in Belgium and the official museum of the National Railway Company of Belgium. It is situated in the preserved buildings of Schaarbeek railway station and in a new shed built to its north.

  • Cauchie House

    The Cauchie house was built in 1905 by Art Nouveau architect, painter and designer Paul Cauchie, in Etterbeek, Brussels, next of the Cinquantenaire. Its façade is remarkable for its allegorical sgraffiti.